Making Cedar Park, TX a Safer Place for Pedestrians and Cyclists

Cedar Park, TX is taking steps to ensure the safety of its pedestrians and cyclists. To achieve this goal, the city is utilizing a variety of barriers, such as flexible posts, concrete buttons, concrete curbs, parked cars, and planters. These are just some of the many intersection, bike path, and sidewalk projects that are currently underway in the city. To learn more about recently completed, ongoing, and future bike path projects in Cedar Park, TX, visit the Active Transportation Projects web page.

The city has implemented measures such as prohibiting parking or making it one-way to make the bike path safe for cyclists and pedestrians. Additionally, there are plans to build adjoining sidewalks in order to further improve safety. The city of Cedar Park is dedicated to providing a safe environment for its citizens. The implementation of these barriers and projects is an important step in achieving this goal.

By utilizing these measures, the city is ensuring that pedestrians and cyclists can safely navigate the streets of Cedar Park. The city is also working to improve the overall infrastructure of the city. This includes improving existing roads and sidewalks as well as creating new ones. This will help to reduce traffic congestion and make it easier for pedestrians and cyclists to get around safely.

The city of Cedar Park is committed to making its streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists. By utilizing a variety of barriers and projects, the city is taking steps to ensure that its citizens can safely navigate the streets of Cedar Park. With these measures in place, pedestrians and cyclists can feel confident that they are safe while traveling through the city.

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