Will Road Closures and Detours Occur During Cedar Park, TX Construction Projects?

Drivers in Cedar Park, TX are being urged to take extra caution when travelling through the construction area and to follow all instructions. The project will involve one lane of traffic in each direction, which could lead to increased congestion and unreliable travel times, negatively impacting the region's quality of life. The project will include two toll lanes in each direction, mainly located within the existing median of US 183 highway, with an adjacent shared road from Hero Way to the Seward Junction Loop. To reduce noise from construction activities, the project team has implemented a set of guidelines to preserve the quality of life in nearby neighborhoods.

So far, the project contractor has been working on improving the ponds near Rutland Drive to improve water quality and reduce flooding. Capital Delivery Services is managing the project in collaboration with the Austin Department of Watersheds, and this includes a pipeline for floodwater, improvements to Quail Creek Park ponds, and improvements to wastewater pipes. The extension of Phase III of 183 A will build on the success of the current 11-mile 183 A toll road, which runs from 620 RM through Cedar Park and was constructed by the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority as their first project. This new project will include two toll lanes in each direction, primarily located within the existing median of US 183 corridor, with an adjacent shared use road from Hero Way to the proposed Seward Junction Loop project.

Once completed, floodwater will be diverted to these sewers which will pass underneath Mearns Meadow Boulevard from Quail Valley Boulevard to the Mearns Meadow Detention Pond in Quail Creek Park.

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